We have a great opportunity to lead technology in a better way. Join us!!! #Kewelta

Hi guys,

I want to share with you what Kewelta is going to present in TechCrunch Disrupt in New York this May. For the last year we created a technology that will allow people to interact in the same way they behave without the need of Internet or without being constrained to the policies of the telecommunications and information companies that are deciding our future, which in the end make us go slowly and threaten our privacy.
Kewelta identificador
Kewelta means “what´s up” in Cuban slang and we gained our experience working for many years on advertising and cultural events while living in a really challenging environment for tech. The most interesting thing is that while using the latest technologies we found on Internet, we realized that we were using them in a complete different way. That changed our vision of the world forever, we had the chance to experiment and envision of the future.

In order to survive as entrepreneurs, we created a new platform to freely allow people to share content about events, services, jobs, parties, and the most important, they can create their own audience without using any of the many paid tools on the Internet. The advertising technologies are so young that they resorted to a huge paid model. We realized that it was possible for people creating opportunities for others to interact directly with their audience without the jungle of technologies and publishers out there today. Creating a free platform to advertise would give the people the opportunity to choose what they want to receive even through paid ad distribution channels like Google Adsense, Facebook Ads or Netflix Ads.

We created an app, a website and a device. In the app and the website, people can freely create an ad with 360º views, music, videos and PDF files to share with people around. The device is a local cloud that works like a bulletin board where some people leave flyers and other people take these flyers, those flyers are the Kewelta’s ads.
Kewo is how we called our local cloud and it is the way we want to start making profit from our platform, but a decentralized infrastructure is a new world full of new opportunities. The Kewo is the key for people with venues to create their audience, they can also use the app and the website. A local cloud in Festivals, Restaurants, Bars, Stores, Cruise Ships and Airplanes will allow them to create their own audience. Today all these places spend money attracting new customers and interacting with them after they leave the venues, but what if they can create a unique experience while their audience is still there. The technology created nowadays is meant for people who are supposed to be distant from each other, but we often forget that humans are social beings whose purpose is to interact with each other preferably in a close environment.

We foresee a future where a decentralized infrastructure for telecommunications plays a key role, it may change everything. What if we provide all movies theaters in the world with a local cloud like Kewo that could allow a movie to be played from 20 different angles at the same time. I am 100% sure people would go to see the same movie several times. An ad company could take advantage from our idea. If today, they only know that you like action movies, tomorrow they will be able to find out what you are most interested in the movie like the brand on a tire or the name on a bottle. I can even foresee a future where I go walking in a middle of the street and see what is happening inside the bar in front of me or the concert across the street, even without going inside to decide best what to do and where to go.

Today we have blockchain and many changing technologies, but a decentralized infrastructure is needed, a cheap one, not airplanes nor balloons flying in the space to bring wifi in a centralized and expensive way. As Cisco has studied, the whole telecommunications infrastructure will grow twice by 2020, submarine wires, satellites and every cable on earth, but the mobiles and wifi devices will grow five times in the same period. The change is already there, it is inevitable that decentralized solutions will be part of our lives and finally Internet will be complemented with a Long Tail solution for telecommunications.
In Kewelta we have designed the first three Kewos: Kewo Mobile, Kewo Flyer, and Kewo Event. They will allow up to 10 people, 100 people and 500 people to interact respectively. We need an investment to develop the first 1000 prototypes of our Kewo Cloud and change the way advertising and telecommunication is made.

We have a great opportunity to lead technology in a better way. Join us!!!

Here is the Kewelta Deck that will be shared with friends in TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017.

Big hug for you all,

Carlos García



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